Mike Myers has white hair now

Mike Myers Unrecognizable at White House State Dinner -- See His New Look!
Mike Myers Unrecognizable at White House State Dinner -- See His New Look!

Token Canadian Mike Myers made an appearance at last night's state dinner with the Obamas and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -; though no one really noticed at first.

Myers was among Hollywood's Canadian crowd, including Vancouver-native Ryan Reynolds (with wife Blake Lively) as well as Canda-born actress Sandra Oh, but he was nearly unrecognizable with a head full of bright white hair.

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The shock perhaps lies in the fact that the 52-year-old's transition from brunette to a Steve Martin-shade of white was not a gradual one, like Obama's subtle progression from black to salt-and-pepper. Just last December, the actor appeared on SNL with Ryan Gosling (for a sketch paying homage to their homeland of Canada) without any traces of gray in his mane.

Twitter, of course, was in a tizzy over the drastic change. The actor began trending late last night with many throwing out comparisons to Andy Warhol and posing the question: Natural or dye job?

Myers made the news earlier this week after revealing he is writing a book about his home country, which is described as "part memoir, part take on Canada and his fellow Canadians."

WHITE IS THE NEW BRUNETTE: Mike Myers rocked a white 'do and a Canadian flag pin at the White House Thursday evening. (Photo: Getty Images)

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