Snap-arazzi: Inside Kim Kardashian's first week with Snapchat


So, it finally happened: Kim Kardashian, the reigning Queen of the Selfie, joined Snapchat.

It was bound to happen: It seems that every week brings another big-name celebrity to the emerging social media platform, though, at this point, they're late to the game. Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner and DJ Khaled have got Snapchat on lock. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for other celebrities to join them, especially celebrities as major as Kim K.

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Being such a momentous occasion, we figured it would be wise to track Kardashian's first week on the app because it was sure to be filled with notable snaps. And we were right.

Her "very 1st snap" was a harmless selfie with her big sister Kourtney, signed "Kim XO" in magenta finger-writing. You didn't think she wouldn't put any of Snapchat's special features to use on her first snap, did you?!

What followed were more selfies (duh), a photo of her post-baby #GymGoals (an old picture of herself, naturally) and a slew of adorable moments with her daughter North West.

Let's make one thing clear: North West does not like Snapchat. The terrifying lenses scare her (We're with you on that one, Norrie!), but that didn't stop Kim from Snapchatting her fierce little girl: We got an in-the-lap snap (Saint was on Kim's other leg.), a behind-the-back pajama and heels shot, a shot of her dinner (Eat your veggies, North!) and even a selfie with her mom!

What's already so refreshing about Kim Kardashian's Snapchat presence is that it's so wildly different from her no-flaws, airbrushed Instagram account. Don't get us wrong: We live for Kim Kardashian's Instagram -- there's a reason why she's the best Instagrammer out there -- but it's nice to see a side to her that we don't get to see on Instagram or her reality show, for that matter. On Snapchat, she's having fun and documenting the minutia of her life as a mom.

So, after a week on Snapchat, we're more than happy to have Kim Kardashian new to the scene. We'll let Kylie continue to kill it with her rapping-while-driving selfie videos, but there's more than enough room for Kim's selfies and motherly antics.

Snap away, Kimberly. Snap away.

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