Frugal Fridays: 11 tips to save major during your weekend Target run

Target's Year-Round Planning to Win Black Friday
Target's Year-Round Planning to Win Black Friday

Target: the discount motherland that just as quickly becomes a money-sucking hole that leaves you wondering, hours later, why you really thought it was necessary to buy eight packs of clothes hangers and a ceramic mug with an inspirational quote printed on it.

If you don't have a game plan, you can end up spending just as much (if not more) in Target as you would in any regularly priced store. Our first under the table tip to save more at Target? Go in with a strict list of what you really need and resist the urge to deviate.

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Regardless, our love for Target runs deep and there's nowhere else we'd rather spend our Sunday afternoons.

Thankfully, there are ways to make a Target run both more affordable and much more streamlined, which is always a plus. And yes, you can even throw in that quote mug for good measure.

Here are our top 11 tips to save more once you get inside those red doors: