Answer 3 questions and Pizza Hut will give you 3.14 years of free pizza

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Pizza Hut to Award Free Pizza for Pi Day

If you spent your grade school days trying to memorize as many decimal digits of Pi as you could, you're not alone. 3.14 is a number stamped in our brains, those two straight vertical lines with a squiggly one on top instantly bringing us back to middle school math class.

March 14 (numerically, 3/14) is recognized as National Pi Day, for obvious reasons.

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Though "Pi Day" may bring back memories and dreams of decadent, delicious pies, its easy to forget about another kind of pie that has both shaped our lives and brought us our most blissful times—we're talking about pizza pies.

Click through to see what your favorite pizza says about you:

What your favorite pizza says about you
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Answer 3 questions and Pizza Hut will give you 3.14 years of free pizza

Pepperoni: Extroverts, easily bored

Credit: The Washington Post via Getty Images

Vegetarian: Charming, flirtatious

Credit: Bonnie Trafelet/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

White sauce: Good with money, love to debate

Credit: Juanmonino via Getty Images


Luckily, Pizza Hut hasn't forgotten. In fact, they're doing something this year to make sure that you don't either.

In a press release Thursday, Doug Terfehr, senior director of public relations at Pizza Hut, shared what exactly the company is doing for the holiday:

"In celebration of National Pi Day, which pizza companies worldwide have sort of adopted as their own special holiday, Pizza Hut is marrying math and pizza in a one-of-a-kind challenge to find our most math-inclined fans and reward them with our great-tasting pizza."

Beginning at 8 a.m. (EST) on March 14, Pizza fanatics can log on to Pizza Hut's "Hut Life" blog and take a slice at answering 3 math questions. If they manage to solve the problems correctly, they can win 3.14 years of free pizza hut pizza (valued at approximately $1,600).

We're guessing the questions will be a little bit more difficult than being asked to recite digits in front of your entire class.

The company is partnering with Princeton professor and mathematical genius John H. Conway for the challenge. In possibly the best quote in history about pizza and math (since there are so many), he had this to say:

"Pi may be irrational, but free pizza is anything but."

Yes, John, yes. We could not agree more.

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Rachael Ray Pi Day Recipes
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Answer 3 questions and Pizza Hut will give you 3.14 years of free pizza
Thin Mint Cookies & Cream Pie

It's that time of year when everyone has Girl Scout cookies in their cupboard (unless you ate them all already, which we totally understand.) This delicious pie couldn't be more simple to make – you just grind Thin Mints in the food processor and add butter to make a cookie crust. Then simply blend more crushed cookies with whipped cream for the filling. Garnish with 3.14 cookies and you're done!

Yigit Pura's Banana Chocolate Mud Pie

This pie is a little complicated but totally worth it, we promise! With a rich dark chocolate mousse spooned over flambéed caramelized bananas, you will want to eat this pie to infinity (sorry, we couldn't resist that pi pun).

(Photo: Rachael Ray Show)

Buddy Valastro's Easy Fruit Pies

Buddy Valastro's easy fruit pies are another great option for an simple treat. (And we won't tell if you use pre-made pie crust!) Similar to a tart, this pie isn't one to feel too guilty about since it features the myriad health benefits of fruit (use 3.14 different fruits if you want).

(Photo: Rachael Ray Show)

Slow-Cooker Pecan Pie

For a simpler approach, make this easy slow cooker pecan pie. Layer the ingredients, then set it and forget it for three hours (or 3.14 if you like)! This recipe is perfect to prep ahead when having guests over.

(Photo: Rachael Ray Show)

Maple-Bourbon Apple Pie

Sunny Anderson's apple pie has a naughty but delicious boost – a shot of bourbon! Real maple syrup is another unexpected but very welcome ingredient. You'll probably want more than one slice – how about 3.14?

(Photo: Rachael Ray Show)

Carolyn Robb's Banoffee Pie

The name for Banoffee Pie comes from its components – bananas and toffee. The no-bake pie features a crust made of crushed cookies and butter, filled with a filling made of bananas, caramel and whipped cream – yum! Share this pie with 3.14 people… wait, is that possible? Nevermind.

(Photo: Getty)


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