11-year-old pens letter to Justin Bieber scolding him for his poor grammar


Please like/share this letter written by a pupil from my year 5/6 class, in South West Cornwall. They want to see how...

Posted by Louise Williams on Friday, February 26, 2016

Justin Bieber is no stranger to criticism -- the singer has received his fair share of jabs for reasons which we do not have time to list.

The latest attack on the pop star is not based on his antics, but rather the grammatical merit of his lyrics, which one 11-year-old from the U.K.finds completely unacceptable.

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Posted by the student's teacher on Facebook, the adorable cease and desist-esque letter references the lack of proper sentence structures used in Bieber's 2012 song 'Boyfriend.' This is problematic on various levels to the underage English fanatic, who seems to be most concerned with the impact he'll have on his fans' vocabularies.

The student goes on to explain, "In the song, you can be heard -- on a number of occasions -- stating 'If I was your boyfriend': here you have clearly used the subjunctive mood incorrectly." He continues saying, "The correct lyrics should, in fact be, "If I were your boyfriend'."

Elaborating why the grammatical butchering effects him on such a personal level, the student continues, "As an Upper Key Stage Two pupil, currently studying hard for my Punctuation and Grammar test, I find it incredibly disappointing that you are unable to follow what is considered to be the basics of English language."

We can only hope that this heartfelt plea reaches the Biebs and makes an impact so we can finally get that Merriam Webster remix album we've all been pining for.

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