11 bizarre things the Mars Orbiter has spotted on the red planet

NASA's Mars Spacecraft Celebrates 10 Years Studying Red Planet
NASA's Mars Spacecraft Celebrates 10 Years Studying Red Planet

Ten years ago this week, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) began its visit to the red planet.

In the time since, the MRO has completed about 45,000 trips around Mars, taking more than 200,000 images of it and other objects in the vicinity, according to NASA.

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The intrepid craft, which is still in great shape seven years after its working life was expected to end, has redefined the way we understand Mars. The MRO watched as the seasons changed, detected possible liquid water and saw how dust moves across the Martian landscape.

Here are 11 of the most amazing things the MRO has seen in its decade of service:

Scientists will continue collecting new data with the MRO until its instruments stop functioning. The spacecraft is one of a fleet of orbiters -- like NASA's MAVEN and India's MOM mission -- that are keeping an eye on various aspects of the red planet's atmosphere and surface.

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