Vine stars Marcus and Cody Johns dish about their new series, HeyUSAx

Vine stars Marcus and Cody Johns dish about their new series, HeyUSAx

If you think that Marcus and Cody Johns are one trick ponies -- it's time to think again. Although both were thrust onto the scene with their popular Vine channels (Marcus was the first Viner to ever hit 1 million followers), their versatility and creative prowess has lead them to explore and create on other social platforms including YouTube, Snapchat, and now go90.

The Johns brothers recently teamed up with the streaming app go90, to produce HeyUSAx, a docu-series that follows the duo as the trek across America in search of the most extreme activities. HeyUSAx also gives fans the interactive opportunity help plan their itinerary and be able to meet up with Cody and Marcus along the way. And that sounds like music to the ears of their over 10 million combined followers.

And if that wasn't all, their latest venture flexes just how adaptable the Johns brothers are. Whether it's being thrust into an uncomfortable situation (like bull riding or bungee jumping) or even filming longer-form videos which is outside their normal 6-second repertoire, Marcus and Cody have proven that if anyone is up for the challenge, it's them.

We had the exclusive chance to speak to Marcus and Cody Johns about their latest project, HeyUSAx. Ahead, the pair dish on what it was like to film longer videos, their scariest moments while on the road, and more!

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HeyUSAx is more long-form in terms of video format. What has that been like since you both started on Vine shooting quick viral videos?
Marcus Johns: So we're used to being on set and doing longer-form content since we were both exposed to film at a young age, but I think the biggest difference was that we were filming it more of a blog style. We're usually in control of our whole environment and what gets put on camera, but I think this is feels more like reality, which was something new for us. It was fun, but it was definitely a learning curve.

What has been your favorite moment so far during HeyUSAx?
Cody Johns: For me, it was really great to go to a bunch of different cities and enjoying the way of life in these places we've never been to. But if I had to choose my favorite place, we went to this town called Ouray in Colorado and it was our only snow episode. We were ice climbing and that was a really cool experience. We even stayed at a bed and breakfast that had really warm springs and you could lay in this hot spring surrounded by freezing cold mountains, so that was pretty unique.

Marcus Johns: The cool part about HeyUSA is that they took us to places we've never been before. And we constantly moved from place to place, I have never been to Hawaii which was incredible. But yeah, Ouray, Colorado was definitely awesome. They took us to very obscure places, not a place that is somewhere huge on the map; you had to drive hours and hours to get it, which I loved. For example, Yuma, Arizona is kind of a random city so we had to drive two and a half hours into the dessert to find this weird ghost town, and it was stuff like that has made the trip really unique for us.

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Was this either of yours first cross-country trip?
Cody Johns: No, Marcus and I have taken really extensive trips in our young lives. I've actually driven across this whole country from Florida about five times. Recently, our whole family went on this vacation where we hit most of the US National Parks. And Marcus went on a really wild trip recently.

In HeyUSAx you both are doing a lot of extreme activities -- what has been the scariest stunt you've done so far?
Cody Johns: Probably our final stunt was our most nerve-wracking.

Marcus Johns: Yeah I think our final stunt was bungee-jumping; that was the stunt that was most scary for both of us. But we both had done stunts that the other one didn't want to do or got hurt and freaked the other one, so we didn't do it. For me, it was bull riding, I thought "I could really, really get hurt on this." And Cody had to drop in on this ridiculous X-Games sized half-pipe on a skateboard and he ate it. We both got hurt on the show an as soon as we saw the other one get hurt, it was game over.


What has it been like meeting your fans all across the country, especially in places you might not have been able to go to outside of the show?
Cody Johns: I personally love doing that. And they love it too! They love the opporutnity to come meet us. Marcus and I thought it was a good two-for-one and to be in these random cities and to get our fans involved And in the cities where we didn't do any meet ups the fans would find us. We finished our final episode the other day, and we just had fans find us in Paris, California, which is a very random farm city. So I think it's great! Plus the fans get an idea of what we're doing, so it makes them want to watch the show knowing that they have a part in it too.

Obviously go90 is a different platform than what your used to working on. How have your fans reacted to the switch?
Cody Johns: I have gotten nothing but great feedback from the fans. Everyone who has direct messaged me or Snapchatted me or messaged me in some way have all been excited. That makes us really happy and it lets us know that we've done a good job and made a good choice in doing this project.

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