Remember Warner from 'Legally Blonde'? See what he (and his perfect hair) are up to now

Reese Witherspoon Says She Spoke to Screenwriters About 'Legally Blonde 3'
Reese Witherspoon Says She Spoke to Screenwriters About 'Legally Blonde 3'

As we all remember, Warner was possibly the best AND worst thing to happen to Elle Woods in the should-have-been Oscar-nominated film, "Legally Blonde."

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If it weren't for Warner dumping Elle within the first 10 minutes of the movie, Elle wouldn't have gone on to be the complete BA that we knew she was. Remember when she lobbied for Delta Nu to change from generic toilet paper to Charmin? We rest our case.

While Reese Witherspoon went on to (eventually) win her Oscar for portraying June Cash in "Walk the Line," we were wondering, what ever happened to Warner? Lucky for you, we have that answer.

Take a quick look to this heartbreaking moment:

Well, after his role as Warner in "Legally Blonde," Matthew Davis went on to star in other hits like "Blue Crush" and "Seeing Other People." Not to mention his run on "Damages," and of course as Alaric Saltzman in "The Vampire Diaries!"

Now you see? But that's not even the best part? As we look back at Matthew Davis, and his role as Warner, we couldn't help but obsess over her perfect hair as well.

That hair! Also, he is clearly a dog person.

Nevertheless, you no need to look any further to catch up on Warner, because we have it for you right here!

While we dream about a potential "Legally Blonde 3," we leave you with beautiful pics of Reese Witherspoon, because why not.

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