Nate Robinson wants to play in the NFL

An Inside Look at NFL Prospects Putting in Work Before the 2016 NFL Combine
An Inside Look at NFL Prospects Putting in Work Before the 2016 NFL Combine

The sports world has seen some crazy things over the last years. We've witnessed Michael Jordan trying to play in the MLB, Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear off and actor Mickey Rourke becoming a professional boxer. It looks like we can add another bizarre news story to the highlight reel. According to Bleacher Report, the NBA's Nate Robinson is looking to try out for the NFL.

You heard that right: the 31-year old, 5-foot-9, 180-pound point guard is looking to make it in pro football. Nate Robinson is currently a free agent, so this could be something to simply occupy his time. Nate collaborated with The Lead Sports in a video, discussing his interest to trade in the hardcourt for the football field.

Some NBA fans are scratching their heads at this decision, but Nate claims he knows what he is doing. Robinson played football at the University of Washington and was considered a gamebreaker with big play ability. While he hasn't played in 11-12 years, he has a deep knowledge of the sport. He's also shown his durability as an athlete, winning the Slam Dunk Contest three different times, all with the Knicks. While he has been with various teams over the years, Nate can adapt well, as seen by his trips to the NBA Finals.

Robinson would be in some very interesting company if he was to actually make it. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders both played football and baseball, but Nate be in a league of his own.

This has to be the craziest thing Nate has ever stated, and that's saying something. In due time, we will see if Krypto-Nate can handle the hard-hitting world of the NFL. A dream for him is entertainment for us. Robinson knows what he wants, so more power to him. This will definitely be interesting.

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