Momma and puppies have an emotional animal shelter reunion

The Moment a Shelter Dog Is Reunited with Her Puppies Will Make You Grab the Tissues

The Martin Human Society recently held an adorable reunion between a mother dog and her four puppies that will leave you gushing.

According to the animal shelter's Facebook page, after taking in two frightened dogs on March 6, 2016, they examined the female and discovered she had recently given birth to puppies.

After some dedicated investigating the team found that the person who brought the two dogs to the shelter was also in possession of the four-month-old puppies, and convinced them to surrender the puppies to the shelter.

PUPPY UPDATE! Our story about our Momma dog transformed after being reunited with her puppies has touched a lot of...

Posted by Marin Humane Society on Thursday, March 10, 2016

The touching video captures the moment when the scared and reserved mother was reunited with her puppies, and her pure joy is very apparent.


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