Here are some potential Donald Trump running mates if he wins the GOP nomination

Rubio: I'm 'Not Interested' in Being Trump's VP
Rubio: I'm 'Not Interested' in Being Trump's VP

As Donald Trump continues to solidify his position in the high-stakes primary race, speculation swirls about whom the Republican presidential front-runner might choose as his running mate.

Trump has dropped some hints during his campaign that he would look for someone with experience in government, as opposed to an outsider like himself.

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"I would want somebody that could help me with government, so most likely that would be a political person," the real-estate mogul has said.

"You want somebody that can help you with legislation, getting it through."

Trump launched his White House campaign last summer with almost no support from the sorts of politicians who would fit this description. After dominating the race for month after month, Trump finally started securing endorsements from governors and congressmen whom he could consider for his administration.

Here are a few of the politicians Trump might look to for vice president:

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