Elderly man gets stuck in the mud, dog faithfully sits at his side for hours

Man Gets Trapped In Mire, Dog Faithfully Sits At His Side For Hours

About two months ago, a 67-year-old man in Suffolk, UK decided to take a less traveled route when walking his dog, but ended up trapped in a muddy expanse.

It was cold and as the hours passed light faded, but the dog lay by the man's side until help arrived.

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Martin Kay says he tested the stability of the bog before attempting to traverse it, and the ground seemed solid enough.

However, as he took a few more steps, he started sinking in the mud.

Said Kay, "I wasn't optimistic about being found, but I wasn't panicking — it was too cold for that!"

Local police officers did come about 7 hours later, and locating the man and his dog required the assistance of a helicopter equipped with heat-sensing technology.

Kay and his faithful companion Holly Blue recently paid a visit to the rescuers and extended their thanks in person.

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