Clean out your closet: What you should finally get rid of

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Clean Out Your Closet: What You Should Finally Get Rid Of

It's time for some spring cleaning and what better place to start than your closet! Reader's Digest put together a list of some stuff you finally should get rid of, now!

First up, get rid of those ratty decade-old pajamas. You're not going to church in them, so there's no need for them to be holy. Ditch the sweatpants and invest in something a little nicer.

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Next, worn-out bras! Every woman knows good undergarments are the foundation of a great outfit, and if that bra is all worn and stretched out, you're not going to be doing yourself any favors.

And why do you have so many wire hangers? Get rid of those free things from the dry cleaners and invest in some good plastic or wooden hangers. Your clothes will thank you for it.

Also, chuck those free t-shirts, souvenir sweatshirts you don't wear, and misshapen itchy sweaters and clothes that just don't fit.

Finally, your ex's anything. Let it go, just like the ex.

Get to cleaning and make room for stuff that you'll actually want and wear!

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Spring cleaning: 15 things to throw away today
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Clean out your closet: What you should finally get rid of


This should be an obvious one, but if you haven't even opened an item, definitely don't buy more. If you think you can use it, look around for a fun recipe. If not, toss it or donate it.


Leftovers make for a great lunch, but they can only last so long. Toss ones that smell or look funny.


Make sure to check the nutritional label on "low fat" foods. In many instances, sugar replaces the fat.


Super processed snacks are convenient, but not very healthy. There are a lot of recipes for snacks that don't come out of a box. Try making popcorn for a satisfying crunch.


There's no need to keep unhealthy candy around as a sweet temptation. Swap sugary candies out for dark chocolate to satisfy any springtime cravings.


Soda is okay for a treat, but it's not necessary to enjoy at home every day. In addition to hurting your teeth, soda has actually been found to increase appetite (even the diet kinds).


By now you've probably heard refined flour isn't the best for your health, so the white bread can go. Whole grain bread is a lot healthier and keeps you satisfied for longer.


If you can't tell what it is anymore or don't even remember freezing it, toss it. Make room in the freezer for things you'll actually eat, and try out a marking system to identify how long different foods have been in the freezer.


Unless you're a serious athlete or working out constantly, water is a perfectly acceptable post-workout drink. Sports drinks and flavored waters can have a deceptive amount of sugar in them, which can send you way over your recommended daily intake.


Sure, they have fewer calories than regular sugar, but many artificial sweeteners are filled with chemicals, and since they're lower in calories, sometimes you end up wanting to eat more.


Sadly, herbs older than six months begin to lose their flavor. So if you've been storing that parsley for a while, it's probably best to let it go.


Margarine can have high levels of trans fats, which experts believe raise cholesterol.


Unlike certain cheeses where you can cut off the moldy portion and continue eating, you should probably avoid eating produce with mold on it. Definitely throw out fruits and veggies that have started showing signs of mold.


Many studies have found that meat isn't always good for you. Deli meat is particularly unsavory because it often contains nitrates.


While bars can be great quick snacks, it's generally better to stick to real food. Like other processed foods, energy bars can contain a lot of hidden sugars and fat.


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