Ben & Jerry's releases 3 new mouthwatering ice cream flavors

5 Unusual Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Were Discontinued
5 Unusual Ben & Jerry's Flavors That Were Discontinued

In case you haven't heard yet, Ben & Jerry's unveiled three incredible new flavors that might just make you run to the store -- now.

They each have a combination of sweet and delicious ice cream flavors with a special, delectable core right in the center. And the tweets for the individual flavors are irresistible.

Want to see that core in action? Boom.

And this one that will just make you melt.

So where can one find these drool-worthy dessert must-haves? Ben & Jerry's has a flavor locator so you don't need to waste a trip to the store to find out. You're welcome.

See more delicious flavors from Ben & Jerry's:

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