Artist creates stunning pop culture landscapes using only eye makeup

While out-of-the-box makeup tutorials are nothing new, the pop culture masterpieces being created by visual artist Tal Peleg are in a league of their own.

Referencing everything from Disney films to cult classic like 'The Shining,' Peleg uses makeup to re-imagine intricate landscapes reflecting modern media.

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Equipped with nothing but makeup, a lot of creativity, and a seriously steady hand, the Israeli visual artist has gained over 260,000 followers on Instagram and almost half a million on Facebook for her unique depictions.

Explaining her creative process more in detail, Peleg told Bored Panda, "Inspiration is all around me, and I give my own unique artistic interpetation using makeup. It can be inspired by emotions, movies, fairytales, animals, food, important social matter and more. I create all the eye-art on my own eye, and I use mostly eyeshadows, eyeliners and watercolors, and of course – super tiny brushes. It takes hours of work, and lots of patience, but I really enjoy every moment of the process!"

Check out more of her masterfully crafted work below:

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Artist creates stunning pop culture landscapes using only eye makeup
Definitely my makeup look for the Deadpool premiere 😉 Anyone else is excited about this movie? ~~~ PRODUCT LIST Deadpool Face and weapon:  @mehronmakeup Modeling wax + Ardell LashGrip adhesive▫Deadpool body and face: Monaco watercolors, @starcrushedminerals  Anarchy, @colourprevails black liquid liner ▫Background: @starcrushedminerals Anarchy, @concreteminerals Fame, Risque, Sugarpill Tako, Monaco watercolors ▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit eyeliner gel and the eyeshadows of the background. Lower lash line: @katvondbeauty Black metal▫ Eyebrow: Morphe brushes eyeshadow -palette 35c▫Mascara: @colourprevails ▫False lashes: @lashesinabox n.14 #deadpool
"Everything you were looking for was right there with you all along" ❀ The Wizard of Oz 🌈 ~~~ PRODUCT LIST Sky: @katvondbeauty Synth, dark wave, skulls, Monaco white watercolor ▫Eyelid grass: Monaco 30, @Katvondbeauty Lemmy (RIP Lemmy..) ▫Yellow road: @concreteminerals Fame, ▫Flowers: Monaco watercolors Emerald city: Monaco watercolors, Sugarpill High life▫Dorothy and Toto: Monaco watercolors▫Eyeliner: @colourprevails eye calligraphy liquid eyeliner  Waterline:base @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner, rainbow- @sugarpill Addicted to pretty palettes▫Inner corner: @colourpop rock pop ▫Mascara: @colourprevails mascara ▫False lashes: @andracosmetics n.08▫Eyebrow: @kryolan watercolor
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..." đŸŽ¶đŸŽ” Mary Poppins! 💙 . ~~~ PRODUCT LIST Sky: @sugarpill 2am, Poison plum, Mochi, @concreteminerals Domino, Monaco 98, 128 ▫Clouds: Monaco watercolor▫Eyebrow: @kryolanoffical watercolor▫Eyelid and fleek: @morphebrushes black gel eyeliner, @katvondbeauty black metal eyeshadow, @concreteminerals Temptress▫Sillouettes and details (Mary, skyline, robin bird, flowers): @mehronmakeup and Monaco watercolors▫Umbrella: This was made out of @dash_hightech_accessories lashes▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit eyeliner gel, @concreteminerals Hi-fi▫Glitter (inner corner and smoke): @litcosmetics Hello sunshine▫Lower lash line: @colourpopcosmetics Lace▫Mascara: @colourprevails▫False lashes: @andracosmetics n.08
#throwback This year is The sound of music's 50th anniversary, but this movie never gets old... đŸŽ¶đŸŽ„ . What's your favorite song from this musical? It's hard to choose but I think mine is "Edelweiss". Or maybe "16 going on 17"?.. Oh no, it's "my favorite things"... Nevermind, can't choose! 😁 More musicals to come soon... đŸ˜‰đŸŽŒ
"And the tree was happy." đŸŒ± "The giving tree" by Shel Silverstein.  This is a well known children's book, but as I read it again as an adult, I find the story much more deep and sad than I remembered. ~~~ PRODUCT LIST ▫Eyebrow/tree, trunk: @mehronmakeup modeling wax (to flatten the eyebrow), Monaco green and black watercolors▫Boy, apple: Mehron watercolors▫Background: Monaco eyeshadow 125▫Eyelid: @concreteminerals thrash▫Eyeliner: @morphebrushes gel eyeliner▫Waterline: Base- @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner, @katvondbeauty Legend (as well as innter corner), @sugarpill Mochi▫Lower lash line: @sugarpill bulletproof▫Mascara: @eyeko black magic▫False lashes: @lashesinabox n.11
Come and play with us, Danny. Forever... and ever... and ever." ▫▫▫ Get into the Halloween spirit with this creepy new work, inspired by Stephen King's "The shining" (or should I say, "The Sh-eye-ning"? 😜) ***** PRODUCTS LIST ▫Room, twins, blood, brow, lower lashes -Monaco and @mehronmakeup  watercolors, @sugarpill Tako, bulletproof.▫Room walls: Monaco watercolor topped with @katvondbeauty noble ▫Black: @katvondbeauty black metal ▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit eyeliner gel topped with @sugarpill Love+ ▫Lower lash line: unbranded black glitter▫Mascara: @eyeko black magic▫False lashes: @lashesinabox n.14
Les MisĂ©rables ❀▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ đŸŽŒ"Do you hear the people sing? Say, do you hear the distant drums? It is the future that they bring When tomorrow comes!" đŸŽ¶ ~~~ PRODUCT LIST 🎹 Background: blue - @concreteminerals Domino, @sugarpill velocity| White - @sugarpill tako | red - @sugarpill love + / Black: @morphebrushes gel eyeliner and Sugarpill bulletproof ▫Cosette (the girl), people on the barricades- @mehronmakeup and Monaco watercolors▫Brow: @morphebrushes eyeshadows from palette 35C ▫Blue glitters: unbranded ▫Mascara: @eyeko black magic▫False lashes: @andracosmetics n.02▫Waterline: @ofracosmetics white rabbit eyeliner gel topped with Sugarpill ugarpill Goldilux▫Lower lash line: Sugarpill Goldilux
"Have no fear of perfection- you'll never reach it." ‱ Salvador Dali ‱ 🎹 MAIN PRODUCTS: Gradient background and under lower lashes: Sleek ultra matte V1 palette, Sleek storm palette, Concrete Minerals "fame" eyeshadow, Urban Decay Penny lane Branch: Kryolan and TAG Body Art watercolors and Sleek brown eyeshadow Mustache eyeliner: Make up for ever gel eyeliner (as well as in the waterline), Physicians Formula eye-booster eyeliner. Ants: same as the mustache, plus white Mehron watercolor. Melting clock: Mehron Modeling wax (in order to cover part of the eyebrow), Kryolan and Monaco watercolors. Mascara: Eyeko black magic False lashes: Red Cherry 747S
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

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