All velvet everything: This house is covered in red velvet from ceiling to floor

Hidden Home Gems From the '70s
Hidden Home Gems From the '70s

There's certainly no lack of, shall we say, luxury, in this Palm Springs home that's completely embellished in red velvet.

The Palm Springs home was designed by Robert Lewis and constructed in 1965. It was later purchased by Jack Stephan.

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Stephan, who was famed as being the "plumber to the stars," adorned the home with the current interior in 1971 and it hasn't been updated since. "Vintage" is an understatement.

With three bedrooms and five bathrooms, this 70s glam house also includes a funky sunken living room, wetbar and butler's pantry.

Also notable is an intercom system, drop-down screen movie theatre and large garage.

This past October, the home received the "The Palm Springs Modern Committee's Residential Preservation Award" for maintaining outstanding condition throughout the years.

There's something to be said about the quintessential retro charm that this home embodies. You'll just probably want to spend the warmer months around the kidney-shaped pool and cabana, since velvet can tend to get a little warm.

The home, often referred to as "Stephan's Folly," is yours for $899,999.

Click through to take a look inside the super plush pad:

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