13 kids reveal surprising secrets they keep from their parents

No matter how close a child and parent may be, there are still usually some secrets kept between the pair. Whether reasoning for the secret is rooted in an expected parental disapproval, a want for privacy, or for fear of letting them down, there are lots of shocking things that kids end up keeping from their parents.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share the surprising things they keep from their parents.

1. It might feel scary to ask your parents for financial help, but sometimes it's necessary:

My parents don

2. What your parents don't know about you might actually be aiding their criticisms:

My parents have no idea what it feels like when they call me lazy and slobby. I work so hard in school

3. Moving away from the faith your parents taught you to believe in might be hard for them to come to terms with


4. Sometimes, your secrets hurt you more than they'd hurt your parents:

My parents don

5. The people who think they know the most about you might not know your deepest, darkest secret:

My parents have no idea that at one point in my life, I almost ended it.

6. It's important that you tell your parents the things that you need them to change:

My parents have no idea how much pressure they put on me. I mess up once and I

7. Sometimes, your parents might confuse your wants and needs with their own:

My parents don

8. Some people will go to extreme lengths to keep secrets from their parents:

I will never tell my parents I

9. It's sad to feel like you can't express yourself to the people who love you the most:

I have tattoos but they are hidden because I know if my parents saw them they would be so ashamed

10. Now this person is all about testing limits:

my parents don

11. No one knows what goes through your heads, especially your parents:

My parents don

Want more confessions from secret-keeping kids? Check out Whisper!

The shocking secrets don't stop at your kids, either!

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