You probably don't love Starbucks as much as these 12 addicts

There are plenty of quirky obsessions out there -- from Star Wars to pizza, everyone has a die-hard guilty pleasure. And while some are weirder than others, it's probably not too much of a surprise that the coffee superstore, Starbucks, has reached a level of addiction for its loyal customers that one can only compare to the addiction to coffee.

Several coffee obsessors took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share what it's really like to be addicted to the beloved chain.

1. How can anyone feel stressed in an ever-so-relaxing Starbucks location?
I go to Starbucks to feel less stressed. It

2. Hey, well, as long as you admit it, right?
I drink way too much Starbucks...the first step to fighting an addiction is admitting it.

3. Starbucks employees? More like best friends!
I go to starbucks so much that all the 57 workers at the 13 locations I go to know my orders.

4. You know you're addicted when all the employees know your number by heart:
I have an obsession with Starbucks, I don

5. Step one to overcoming your problem is admitting you have one:
Starbucks is my crack...and I am too broke to be buying it but everyday I find a they have Starbucks anonymous?

6. We would love to hear the vows of a mocha frappuccino:
Starbucks is my love. If it were a person, I would marry it

7. The world of Starbucks is a world of its own:
Sometimes we all need an escape from reality. Starbucks is my go to place for that.

8. The best alone time is spent at Starbucks:
Starbucks is the only time I feel like I

9. Just because you love Starbucks doesn't mean you love coffee:
I love Starbucks but hate coffee I just go to Starbucks to get water sometimes.

10. No one can tell you who to love:

11. Is a Starbucks fan going to Dunkin Donuts like cheating?
One time I went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee so I called Starbucks to say sorry �� (I

12. A day without Starbucks is a day wasted:

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You'll probably understand the Starbucks obsession more if you try a pumpkin spice latte:

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: Why Are We Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice?

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