Watch Donald Trump lie about Hitler to George Stephanopoulos

Donald Trump Says He's Not Hitler
Donald Trump Says He's Not Hitler

Donald Trump lied to "Good Morning America" anchor George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday that he "hadn't heard" comparisons between himself and Adolf Hitler.


What made it a Trump lie is the fact that Trump has, in fact, heard the comparisons. Someone asked him about them, on video, in December.

And that someone was George Stephanopoulos.

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Here's what Trump said Tuesday, when Stephanopoulos asked about comparisons between Trump and Hitler by Louis C.K., among others:

"I don't know about the Hitler comparison. I hadn't heard that. But it's a terrible comparison. I'm not happy about that, certainly I don't want that comparison."

Hm. Here's an exchange between Trump and Stephanopoulos on Dec. 8:

Stephanopoulos: "You're increasingly being compared to Hitler. ... Does that give you any pause at all?"

Trump: "No, because what I am doing is no different than what FDR -- FDR's solution for Germans, Italians, Japanese, you know, many years ago."

Does Trump not pay attention to what Stephanopoulos says, even as he answers his questions? Or perhaps Stephanopoulos doesn't pay attention to Trump? Or perhaps both of them are very tired.

A third theory: George Stephanopoulos is a pretty common name. Maybe "Good Morning America" employs two different George Stephanopouloses, and they didn't have time to compare notes?

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Whatever the case, neither Trump nor Stephanopoulos acknowledged during their Q&A on Tuesday that they had had a similar exchange just a few months earlier.

Here's video from Dec. 8 (the Hitler exchange is at the 4:15 mark):

And here's video from Tuesday (the Hitler exchange is at 2:23):

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