Viral video shows babies of world's smallest monkeys

Viral Video Shows Babies Of World's Smallest Monkeys

Australia's Symbio Wildlife Park has some very tiny new residents.

Staffers at the New South Wales facility recently announced that Gomez and Iti, a pygmy marmoset couple, had given birth to two new family additions.

The babies weigh only about a half an ounce each.

Fully-grown pygmy marmosets usually tip the scales at around 3 ounces.

Since their birth, the newborns have spent a good amount of time riding around on their mother's back.

Workers recorded and shared footage of one such escapade on the wildlife park's Facebook page.

The video has captured the hearts of many and is well on its way to taking over the Internet.

World's smallest monkeys have world's cutest babies

World's smallest monkeys 'Iti and Gomez, the pygmy marmosets', have celebrated the arrival of two precious little miracles, weighing in at just 15gms.

Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Monday, March 7, 2016

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