Top 5 side jobs for millennials

Top Side Jobs for Millennials
Top Side Jobs for Millennials

These days, it's not uncommon to have a side job.

Work schedules are more apt to permitting flexible hours, while many career paths allow for employees to spend time pursuing other interests. The staggering amount of part-time jobs in the job market also allow for extra time to be spent raking in cash on the side.

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With everything from app-based driving services to the massive amount of money being made off sponsorships in the blogging community, millennials don't have to choose one career and stick to it anymore. In fact, they don't have to choose only one career to focus on at any given time anymore, either.

A study by Flexjobs on millennials and part-time work found that nearly 33 percent of millennials want part-time work with freelancing on the side, and 60 percent want to work remotely all the time.

What's most important to millennials in terms of side-jobs is flexibility. And from the information gathered, creative leverage and the need for a specific skill set seem to be equally as weighted, too.

Based on information from, there are five side jobs that are particularly appealing to millennials. Watch the video above to see exactly what they are.

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