There's a petition for 'Trap Queen' rapper to perform at Nancy Reagan's funeral -- and it's not a compliment

There's a Petition for Fetty Wap to Perform at Nancy Reagan's Funeral
There's a Petition for Fetty Wap to Perform at Nancy Reagan's Funeral

A trap queen, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is a woman who is "loyal to her friends and lives for her family." Basically, we're talking about a woman with an uncanny mix of book and street smarts.

And then there's the popular "Trap Queen" song by Fetty Wap. Well, some people apparently want the rapper to perform the song at Nancy Reagan's funeral, and that's not a compliment.

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A petition with over 6,000 supporters was started on in the hopes of landing a rap performance at the former first lady's funeral.

The petitioner claims Reagan is the "most famous Trap Queen in American history" because she led the anti-drug movement while her husband, President Ronald Reagan, allegedly "was linking up with Papi to flood the streets with narcotics" — a reference to a controversial investigative series that accused the CIA of introducing crack cocaine to the black community in Los Angeles.

See images of Nancy Reagan through the years:

President Reagan helped launch the war on drugs and implement a zero-tolerance policy, which caused incarceration rates to soar.

The first lady's "Just Say No" campaign, which aimed to address drug abuse, has long been criticized for being overly simplistic in its approach to combating drug use.

Reagan's funeral will be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California on Friday.

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