The 25 best horror movies

The Greatest Horror Movies

Not everyone loves horror movies, but most people can remember peeking through their fingers or covering their ears the first time they experienced a good scare from a movie.

Unfortunately, sometimes horror movies run the risk of being cliché, predictable gore-fests. Films like "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" have similar plots that follow teenagers in distress. Other horror movies are even more ridiculous and leave us in tears — of laughter. "Zombie Strippers," "The Gingerdead Man" and "Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror" are all cringe-worthy horror movies that actually exist.

Sometimes, though, directors get it right and create a horror movie that is scary without being ridiculous. This week, the highly-anticipated horror film "10 Cloverfield Lane" will be released, and fans hope it fall into the successful camp of scary movies. Though the jury's still out on this film, PrettyFamous got into the horror movie mood by finding the 25 highest-rated horror films of all time. The films are ranked by Smart Rating (a score out of 100 which takes into account Metacritic, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Gracenote ratings, as well as inflation-adjusted U.S. box office totals). Each film had to have at least 25,000 votes on IMDb, and all had to be labeled as a "horror" in Gracenote's genre classifications.

From classic tales of Transylvanian blood suckers, to aliens stowing away on futuristic space ships, take a look at these highly-rated horror movies — then check for something creeping under the bed.

#25. Dracula

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