Shipwreck found near North Carolina may be a Confederate blockade runner

Shipwreck Found Near North Carolina May Be A Confederate Blockade Runner

Back in the latter half of the 1800s, the blockade runners used by the Confederacy were among the most advanced ships on the waters.

Billy Ray Morris, an official with North Carolina's archaeology branch, is confident the wreckage recently discovered off the state's coast belongs to one of them.

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Three are known to have sunk in the area, and based on preliminary measurements a vessel called the Agnes E. Fry is the most likely candidate.

During the civil war, the boats were used to get past the Union Navy's fleet, which was strategically positioned to keep the Confederate states from trading overseas.

However, the blockade runners had the advantage of speed.

Noted Morris, "They were the equivalent of a cigarette boat. They were wickedly fast. They had the most sophisticated engines that England could put out."

If the shipwreck is confirmed as one of the Confederate vessels, it will become the area's most important Civil War-era find in decades.

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