Remember the 'sexy convict'? Well he's now out of prison and looking to make his mark in modeling

'Hot Convict' Gets A Modeling Career From Prison
'Hot Convict' Gets A Modeling Career From Prison

"Hot Felon." "Sexy Convict." No these are not names of Halloween costumes, although they probably are. These were names used to refer to the viral sensation of this man right here.

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This picture went viral almost immediately, with everyone claiming he was the hottest felon behind bars. This photo of Jeremy Meeks (his real name) had the Internet obsessed! Here are just a few of the absolutely hilarious meme's that transpired.

Any who, the 'model felon' is out of jail and looking to pursue his career in modeling. After he was sentenced to 27 months in jail in 2015 on weapons charges, his Instagram clearly notes he is out and ready to go.

Look at how happy he is! His agent, Jim Jordan, of White Cross Management, recently told BuzzFeed that he is officially out of prison.

We're putting everything in place. We're in talks with a lot of different agencies. There's movies on the table. We have a lot of different things happening."

So get ready people, because Jeremy Meeks is ready for that runway!

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