Reebok bans all soda and sugary drinks from its headquarters

Diet Soda Addiction: Health Risks

Reebok, a global footwear and apparel brand, is a company built on a foundation of fitness and health. Now the retailer has just decided to make a big change, and an even bigger statement, starting in its corporate headquarters.

The athletic company affirms the importance of a healthy lifestyle through its products and campaigns, but the Reebok team recently announced how they're now taking their message a step further.

As of this week, Reebok has completely removed all soda, sugary beverages, large candy bars, fried foods, white breads and pasta from its headquarters in Canton, MA. The brand shared that this decision was unanimously supported across the company.

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Now, the staff behind the brand can fully embody Reebok's core values inside and outside of the office. Employees will now find whole foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables in kitchens across the campus.

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Reebok also conducted a national survey to explore the interesting -- and sometimes bizarre -- ways soda impacts the lives of Americans. A significant amount of people are willing to give up their pinky toes, jobs and sex in exchange for the sugary beverages. The study shed light on the average American's unhealthy addiction to soda -- and resulted in some pretty eye-opening statistics.

View the slideshow for 11 bizarre stats from Reebok's study:

Reebok removing soda
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Reebok bans all soda and sugary drinks from its headquarters

1. A quarter of Americans say they’ve used soda to remove rust.

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2. More than 4 out of 10 said they couldn’t name 3 simple ingredients in soda.

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3. Nearly 3 out of 5 Americans admit to having belched or farted in public immediately after drinking soda. 

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4. Roughly 1 in 5 American Millennials (18-34) report anger or outrage at the sounds of sipping soda.

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5. When given a choice between which they couldn’t live without, nearly a third of Americans – and 4 in 10 American women – would choose soda over sex.

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6. Nearly 3 in 10 Americans would choose soda over their pinky toe, and 3 in 10 Americans would also choose soda over their jobs.

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7. Despite their “pop” propensity, many feel uneasy about their relationship with soda – particularly Millennials (18-34).

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8. More than 4 in 10 American millennials experience guilt for drinking soda -- and nearly 2 in 5 associate drinking soda with obesity.

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9. Almost half of American Millennials (and nearly 4 in 10 overall) say they drink soda out of habit over anything else, and another half (and more than a third overall) also admit to experiencing withdrawals from soda.

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10. Only 1 in 10 Americans say they’ve ever consumed soda after a basketball game. Only 1 in 20 say they’ve ever sipped it after running a competitive race.

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11. Half of Americans (and nearly three quarters of Millennials) say they have enjoyed soda while playing video games – and 7 in 10 people (and more than 8 out of 10 Millennials) say they’ve turned to soda while binge watching their favorite shows.

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Check out more of the craziest facts about soda-drinkers:

Watch Reebok's CrossFit coach removing the soda machine from the building:

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