NBA rumors: Is LeBron James leaving Cleveland in 2016?

Allie Dives Into LeBron's 'Beautiful Mind' on Social Media
Allie Dives Into LeBron's 'Beautiful Mind' on Social Media

The Cleveland Cavaliers are treading water at the top of the Eastern Conference, and the recent struggles and chemistry issues have brought about more LeBron James rumors. While this team is better than any of the others that forced LeBron to leave for Miami back in 2010, that hasn't stopped rumors of him leaving again.

It's incredibly irresponsible of basketball fans to even think about the idea of LeBron leaving Cleveland for a second time, but that hasn't quelled those rumors from spinning out of control.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports, ignore the threats and rumors about LeBron leaving Cleveland — because it's insane. When asked where LeBron James would go if he left Cleveland, Woj replied:

"Infamy. That'll be the final stop in his NBA career if he left Cleveland again," Woj stated. "Ignore any threats being made, whether they're being used as leverage in Cleveland or come from outside of his circle."

This isn't earth shattering news, as the idea of LeBron leaving Cleveland is about as asinine as it gets. Sure, he might not be happy but it would be career suicide if he left Cleveland again. Already the shine of LeBron is being rusted by the existence of Steph Curry and leaving Cleveland would be concrete admittance that LeBron can't win on his own.

There have been signs that could be mildly connected to LeBron wanting to leave. His head coach was fired, the team chemistry is all out of whack and there are rumors that Kyrie Irving and/or Kevin Love might not be a part of the team next season.

LeBron might not end up ever winning in Cleveland, but he can't afford to leave and win somewhere else — which is why he won't.


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