Mischievous boy jumps on bride's dress during her walk down the aisle

Here Comes the Dive! 4-Year-Old Launches Himself Onto Bride's Train

Getting hitched usually doesn't go off without a hitch -- but the bride really couldn't have prepared for this one.

Tanya was walking down the aisle during her wedding to Mark in Dublin, when suddenly her 4-year-old nephew Rhys broke free. After a running start, the cheeky boy jumped into the back of her gown, which served as a landing pad.

Despite a brief moment of panic and gasps of horror from the family, Tanya and Mark laughed off the unexpected hiccup and went onto to have their dream wedding.

Watch the original footage below:
Little Boy Dives Into Bride as She Walks Down the Aisle

Little kids just don't understand the significance of the moment. Just recently, a minister was left hysterically laughing after the bride and groom's toddler make a very loud and untimely announcement. See for yourself below!

Nature Calls for Little Boy at Unfortunate Moment

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