Los Angeles Rams not interested in Robert Griffin III

Redskins End the RGIII Era
Redskins End the RGIII Era

While the Washington Redskins have moved on from Robert Griffin III, but they might not be the only team uninterested in a partnership. There are a handful of teams rumored to be interested in RGIII but the Los Angeles Rams are not among those teams.

According to Vincent Bonsignore from the Los Angeles Daily News, the Rams have so far expressed no interest in signing Robert Griffin III.


To be entirely fair, it's very early on in the process so there could still be interest somewhere down the road.

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But Griffin is likely going to command serious interest once teams start picking off the top free agents from the board and his name rises up. The Rams have money invested in Nick Foles — whether that's a good thing or not — and that might end up leading them away from being interested in Griffin.

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There's also the fact that RGIII is way unproven and a team like the Rams who have been a year away from being a year away from finding the right quarterback can't afford to take a chance on another possible disappointment. It would be hilarious if the Rams, after fleecing the Redskins so they could draft RGIII, end up with him in the end.

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