Confirmed: Gears of War 4 Will Have A Story, Characters

Upon its grand "reveal" at the end of Microsoft's last E3 press conference, Gears of War 4 was officially the least surprising game to be announced in the history of gaming. We absolutely knew FOR A FACT that Microsoft was making the game, years before we actually knew it would be. After all, when you announce the creation of an ENTIRE studio devoted to making a single series of a game, it's not to much of a leap to assume that another game in that series is going to be made. So when Black Tusk Studios/Microsoft Vancouver/The Coalition (no seriously, I think that last one is going to stick) hit E3 2015 with the first gameplay from the third person shooter sequel, it was a decent, if shrug-worthy caper to the conference.

But at the time all we had was that short demo to determine just what this game would end up being, with very little details beyond that. Thankfully Game Informer arrived this week to change that, announcing that Gears of War 4 would be their next month's cover story and, in the process, explaining a few basic tidbits about what the game would encompass. Because, believe it or not, there was a story to those Gears of War games beyond the meathead main characters and their increasingly sophomoric lines of dialogue. And in series fashion, there will be one behind Gears of War 4 too.

According to the mag, Gears of War 4 will take place about 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3, and is set to star one JD Fenix as the main character. As you might be able to tell from the name, JD is the son of Marcus Fenix, as it seems like a willingness to engage in alien warfare was passed down alongside the freakish physique and 'frat bro' first name. Joining JD will be two other Gear soldiers by the name of Del Walker and Kait Diaz, and all three be voiced by accomplished actors: Spartacus' Liam McIntyre will be play JD, Battlefield Hardline's Eugene Byrd will play Del, and Laura Bailey of Tales from the Borderlands will play Kait.

As for the specifics of what the trio will be doing, things are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, although GI did claim that the game would cover "one night in the woods" and the groups struggle to survive against "terrifying new enemies." If the game sticks to its guns and does indeed take place in just one night, color me intrigued: it seems like a solid way to get back to the series' more horror tinged roots, and I'm a sucker for narratives that occur over a contained time period. And since we know the tried and true Gears gameplay will be as fun as ever, all it will take for me is a great story to really make this series shine. I hope that the game will be able to attain such a thing when it lands sometime this Fall. Here's the first gameplay footage released from the game last year, which illustrates the dark woods concept quite nicely:

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