Watch US-led airstrikes level an ISIS weapons cache

Coalition Airstrike Targets Warehouse Near Fallujah
Coalition Airstrike Targets Warehouse Near Fallujah

The U.S. military has released a video that showcases the anti-ISIS coalition annihilating a militant-controlled weapon cache near to Fallujah, Iraq.

The airstrikes were conducted on February 29 and were part of a larger operation by the anti-ISIS coalition on that day. Altogether, on that day, the anti-ISIS coalition conducted 12 strikes in Syria and 15 in Iraq against the militant group.

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US Central Command notes that the airstrikes in Fallujah targeted four separate targets. In addition to the weapon cache, the strikes also destroyed an ISIS staging area, an anti-air artillery piece, a bunker, and tactical units belonging to the militants.

ISIS Targets Destroyed By American Air Strikes Graphiq

Other strikes in Syria and Iraq on the same day destroyed ISIS vehicles, mortar positions, tactical units, and buildings belonging to the terror group. Two strikes, on each in Syria and Iraq, also managed to destroy ISIS vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs), one of the most dangerous weapons in ISIS's arsenal.

The following GIF shows the airstrike that destroyed ISIS's weapon cache in Fallujah:

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