Wake up to the Eiffel Tower in this quaint 270 square foot home in Paris

Don't Forget Foreign Real Estate
Don't Forget Foreign Real Estate

At a mere 270 square feet, this tiny apartment packs more elegance and minimalistic décor than most average-sized pads on the market.

This one-bedroom, one-bathroom pad sits pretty in Paris' 6th arrondissement on the 6th floor of a characteristic 19th-century building. But it isn't the ideal layout or organization that gives this apartment its near-perfect aesthetic; it's the attention to detail.

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The walls are adorned with intricate white molding, adding an element of elegance that seems to melt right in to the pure white cabinets and ceilings. A marbled kitchen countertop matches the marble accent wall that falls behind the sink.

Herringbone paneled wood floors enlarge the floor space to the eyes, leading straight to the large windows that drench the entire apartment in the warm Parisian sun.

Three panoramic views of the city can be seen, including, of course, a clear and breathtaking shot of the Eiffel Tower over the rooftops of St. Germain.

Grab your glass of wine and settle here for $750K. Just try not to spill; red probably wouldn't mesh so well with the neutral palette.

Take a look at the compact and posh space below:

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