This dead squid moves like it's alive -- and you're supposed to eat it

Odori Don - Dancing Squid in a Meal
Odori Don - Dancing Squid in a Meal


Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it sure does look like it could be.

That thing you're seeing up there is not from a Syfy movie or a documentary about cruelty to animals -- it's a Japanese dish called katsu ika ordor-don.

Literally translated, that means "active dancing squid rice bowl." Creative, right?

It's not really hard to see where it got its name...

Dear animal lovers, worry not -- the squid being served up in that Instagram was most certainly not living at the time it was consumed.

It was, however, so fresh that its muscles still worked.

When soy sauce was poured over the squid, the sodium triggered a chemical reaction that made the muscles spasm, creating the illusion it was moving its arms on its own.

Weirdly enough, this isn't the only dish that a little bit of liquid can resurrect.

A few weeks ago, this video of a fish that appeared to come back to life when fed a shot of alcohol went viral.

Must've been one hell of a cocktail.

Between the dancing squid appetizer and the gasping fish main course, looks like a solid meal we'll definitely have to pass on.

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