The most sexist and antigay places in America, according to Twitter

When searching for the perfect city to live, you might consider cost of living, job availability, and whether you're willing to endure winter months with below freezing temperatures. Apartment finder site Adobo thinks that its tenants might also like to consider the level of racism, sexism, and antigay sentiment in a potential hometown.

Adobo searched tweets with 154 terms that reference race, gender, and sexual orientation in both neutral and negative ways from June of 2014 to December 2015. With 12 million tweets containing one of the terms, the group went on to categorize states and cities with the most and least derogatory Twitter feeds.

According to a 2014 survey from the Pew Research Center, about 23 percent of Americans use Twitter. While tweets may not tell the whole story, Adobo argues that its findings offer a snapshot into a region's cultures and values.

Overall Offensive Level

Louisiana had the highest instances of all forms of derogatory language, with about one tweet per 87 containing some form of slur. Texas and Nevada came in second and third for tweets containing offensive language. Wyoming and Montana are at the opposite end of the spectrum, with the lowest amount of derogatory language used on Twitter.

Women Have it the Worst

Most of the offensive tweets were against women, using the terms b---h, c--t, hag, bimbo, slut, and twat. Recognizing that bitch can have both positive and negative connotations, Adobo also offered a list that omitted this term, but still found that gender-based insults were the most common.

When including "bitch," researchers at Adobo found that New Orleans had the highest percentage of derogatory comments against women, with about 1 out of every 27 tweets containing a sexist insult. Louisiana also has the widest gender wage gap in the nation, with women earning about 65 percent of what men make, compared to the national average of 78 percent.

A Surprising Leader in Homophobic Comments

Antigay language was next most common form of abuse on Twitter, although tweets containing the terms fag, faggot, homo, dyke, sodomite, lesbo came in a distant second to sexist terms. Adobo found that Buffalo, New York had the highest rate of antigay tweets, with one out of every 625 tweets contain a gay slur. As one of just a few states to offer non-discrimination protections to LGBT people regarding adoption, employment, and housing, a city in New York might seem like an unlikely hub of antigay sentiment. Adobo researchers noted that they did not differentiate between positive and negative comments and that they were "uncertain how much this may reflect more neutral in-group reclamation."

Repeat Offenders

While Adobo didn't rank cities by overall derogatory comments, there were a few locations that poppsed up multiple times. Arlington, Texas ranked in the top 10 for its frequency of antigay, sexist, anti-black, and anti-Latino tweets. New Orleans was also in the top 10 for all the aforementioned categories, save for slurs against Latinos.

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