News reporter nearly hit by car on live TV

Reporter Nearly Misses Being Hit By Car While Live on TV
Reporter Nearly Misses Being Hit By Car While Live on TV


Alex Savidge is a television reporter for KTVU -- the FOX affiliate in the San Francisco Bay area -- and his assignment Tuesday morning turned into a terrifying account ... all caught on camera.

As Savidge was live on air reporting about a train derailment in Alameda County, Calif., a car crash erupted behind him.

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The reporter was on the sidewalk wrapping up his report when you can hear in the background a car honking and wheels screeching. Seconds later, his photographer Chip warns Savidge to move just as a vehicle zooms past where he was standing right into the camera mounted on a tripod.

See more of the accident and the scene below:

The impact of the crash sent the camera pointing the other direction showing damage and Savidge is heard audibly shaken by the harrowing ordeal.

The car reportedly hit a light stand, as Alex and Chip yelled from the background that they were ok, according to KTVU.

Fremont police responded to the scene and are investigating the accident.

You can watch more of Savidge's report and the emotional moment with his photographer below:

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