Move over 'Cronut' there's a new glorious doughnut-inspired creation in town

How to Make French Macarons
How to Make French Macarons

There's a new drool-worthy pastry getting ready to take over Instagram pages near you!

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Meet the "Macaronut," a mash-up of two of the most tasty treats of all time -- a macaron and doughnut.

The beautifully designed pastries are made out of doughnut-shaped cookies, strawberry cream and multicolored sprinkles.

Famous pastry chef François Payard, will debut his glorious creation on March 20, 2016 in honor of National Macaron Day.

The over-the-top dessert will be sold at several of Payard's locations in New York City as well as several other bakeries in New York.

And sweet tooth enthusiasts are ready to take a bite out of these mouthwatering treats!

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