Google sets up cameras in zoo for adorable animal selfies

Google Sets Up Cameras for Animal Selfies at Los Angeles Zoo
Google Sets Up Cameras for Animal Selfies at Los Angeles Zoo

Google and the Los Angeles Zoo have teamed up to give the world some of the most adorable selfies ever. High-tech cameras were set up in animal enclosures at the zoo so up close and personal pictures could be taken of the animals.

The cameras in the animal enclosures have motion sensors that automatically take a photo when an animal comes close to the lens. Animals are very curious so the project has produce many candid close ups of the animals trying to smell or maybe even eat the cameras.

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So far a sloth, tiger, warthog, and giraffe have gotten their photos snapped. The clever project is inspired by the new Disney film "Zootopia."

Take a look at a few of the Instagram worthy selfies below.

Rain? What rain? Charley found a bit of sunshine and took a selfie. We think he likes the attention. #ZooglePhotos #ZooTopia

Posted by Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens on Monday, March 7, 2016

You can see more animal selfies here.

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