Here's why you should be using Flipboard, AOL's go-to destination for all the latest and greatest news

Fly or Die Flipboard App Review
Fly or Die Flipboard App Review

Welcome to the digital age, people -- our smartphones hold our credit cards, calendars and photographs, so naturally, they can hold our magazines, too!

And that's why we love Flipboard.

Flipboard is "your personal magazine." Tailored to your individual interests, the app will bring only the people, topics and events you care about to the forefront of your Flipboard. Available in more than 20 languages, Flipboard aggregates content all throughout social media and various websites, formats it similarly to a magazine and allows users to 'flip' through their favorite feeds and pages, as well as the app's relevant partners. Stay up to date not only with breaking news, but also your favorite celebrities and viral stories that you might not have otherwise found without your back-pocket magazine!

These are just a few of the reasons that AOL is officially on board (pun intended) with Flipboard. You can follow AOL on the app for all of your latest lifestyle, entertainment and news stories!

The app doesn't stop at publications, either -- fill your Flipboard with your best friends' tweets and Instagrams, as well as your feeds from YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and much more. We have no complaint to the app's recent naming as Apple's iPad app of the year, one of TIME's top 50 innovations, the top social app at the 2012 Webby Awards, and the Brit insurance interactive design of the year.

We're into the app, it's time for you to get on board, too!

Flipboard, that is.

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