A 'Yelp for people' is now available

A "Yelp for People" Is Now Available

If you've already Yelped every restaurant in a five-mile radius and have opinions about more than the taste of Olive Garden breadsticks, a new app called Peeple might be up your alley.

The app, which has been called "Yelp for humans," was announced in October, and after a few tweaks, it's finally ready for download.

Peeple allows users to rate each other in three categories: personal, professional and romantic.

The creators say its purpose is to provide "a reference check for the people around us."

While people love Yelp, Peeple has drawn considerable backlash.

Some think it even has the potential to be dangerous and that it could be used as a new form of harassment.

Back in October, Chrissy Teigen spoke out about the app. She said, "In an age where both truth and gossip on the Internet can literally ruin lives, this #peeple app is horrible AND scary."

The app is now available on iPhones and iPads, with an Android version on the way.

Peeple currently only allows those with the app to be reviewed, and it can only be done with their permission.

In April, a paid feature revealing the negative reviews is set to roll out.

But before you hit the download button, remember the Golden Rule: rate others the way you wish to be rated.

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