50 Cent tells bankruptcy court he's been flaunting stacks of fake cash

Judge Orders 50 Cent to Explain Instagram Cash Stacks Court
Judge Orders 50 Cent to Explain Instagram Cash Stacks Court

Something about those stacks of cash seemed too good.

50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) filed for bankruptcky after he was ordered to pay $7 million for allegedly releasing a sex tape. But that didn't stop him from flaunting a whole lot of cash on his Instagram.

A judge then ordered 50 Cent to explain all the cash so the court could ensure he was being honest about his money woes and bankruptcy proceedings.

In a court declaration filed on Tuesday, the rapper claims the photos depict "'prop money' used for G-Unit Records and videos and photo shoots," TheWrap reports.

50 Cent reiterated the importance of maintaining his "brand" — even if the money itself is fake.

"Hip-hop culture is widely recognized as aspirational in nature. The standard by which artists and fans engage is commonly tied to money, jewelry, products and advertising over social media," 50 Cent said in the filing. "Products and brands are now marketed through social media as an effective way to engage with consumers.

"Just because I am sensitive to the needs of maintaining my brand does not mean that I am hiding assets or that I have lied on my filings in this Bankruptcy Case, neither of which is true."

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