The unusual hobbies of 14 rich and famous people

Richard Branson Wants World To Cut Back On Beef
Richard Branson Wants World To Cut Back On Beef

Celebrities really aren't just like us — even their hobbies are cooler than ours.

For instance, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak plays Segway polo in his spare time, while billionaire Richard Branson kitesurfs on his private island and Angelina Jolie collects daggers.

Here are the surprising or unusual hobbies of 14 rich and famous people:

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Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak plays Segway polo.

Hermann J. Knippertz / AP Images

Wozniak plays polo — on a Segway.

Last summer his team, the Silicon Valley Aftershocks, played in Cologne, Germany, for the Segway polo world championship, the Woz Cup. It was named after the Apple cofounder, according to Quartz.

Even off the polo field Wozniak enjoys using his Segway as his primary means of transportation. Back in 2009, he told Forbes that he takes it with him almost everywhere he goes.

"When I want to go into town, or I want to buy something, I'll take the Segway, and I'm into town in 10 minutes," he told Forbes. "And I feel happy — I got to skip the whole car thing. The Segway has brought a lot to my life."

Actress Angelina Jolie collects daggers.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In 2008, Jolie told W Magazine that her mom introduced her to daggers when she was a kid, and that she hopes to pass this hobby on to her son, Maddox.

She says the knife blades she gives him are dulled so he can't hurt himself, and that their dagger purchases are always "accompanied by discussions about violence."

She told the magazine: "We also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good. We talk about everything."

Google cofounder Sergey Brin enjoys high-flying trapeze.

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Brin seems to love "high-adrenaline" hobbies. He has tried in-line skating, gymnastics, walking around on his hands, and running to work in Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes, according to a 2014 Business Insider article.

But perhaps his most unusual hobby is high-flying trapeze, which he began doing at a local circus training center in San Franciso that hosted Google team bonding events in the early days of the company, Business Insider previously reported.

In 2009, Brin took an advanced trapeze class at the Circus Warehouse in New York and a fellow participant told Business Insider that he was impressed with the Google cofounder's skills. "People fly out from all over the world to take this class and learn from some of the masters. I'd say [Brin] was in the top 20% of the class," he said. "He was definitely giving his all."

Billionaire Warren Buffett regularly plays the ukulele and online bridge to keep his mind sharp.

Sun Valley Conference
Sun Valley Conference

The "Oracle of Omaha" is a man of many talents.

Buffett's been playing the ukulele for decades, according to a 2011 Business Insider article. He even once played a duet with Jon Bon Jovi for the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, and released his own version of the 1971 "I'd like to buy a Coke" commercial as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the beverage's contoured bottle.

The billionaire Berkshire Hathaway CEO told CNN Money that he also plays online bridge most Mondays with three other partners, sometimes including Bill Gates.

In a report titled "Why Warren Buffett Plays Bridge," economist John P. Hussman reasoned that Buffett's love of the game could be because it places emphasis on "playing a hand right rather than on playing it successfully."

Actor Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The actor and filmmaker has been collecting vintage typewriters since 1978, according to an Op-Ed he wrote for the New York Times in 2013 about why he does it (spoiler: It's mainly for the typing sound) and his favorite models.

"There is no reason to own hundreds of old typewriters other than the sin of misguided avarice (guilty!)," Hanks wrote.

In 2014 Hanks released an app called the Hanx Writer that gives you the blissful experience of a manual typewriter fonts on an iPad or iPhone, reported.

After hearing about his obsession with typewriters, one podcaster decided to send him an interview invitation on a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter, according to a Reddit post. Hanks accepted the invitation with a cheeky, typewritten reply.

Billionaire Richard Branson's favorite sport is kitesurfing.

AP Photo/Todd VanSickle

With an estimated net worth of over $5 billion, Branson has the time — and the money — to take up exotic hobbies like kitesurfing.

The Virgin Group founder told that he learned the sport on Necker Island — which he owns — in 2002. "It was lethally dangerous," Branson told the surfing publication. "When you fell you'd be dragged underwater 100 feet, and you prayed you didn't hit a reef."

He said he likes to "get half an hour away from Blackberries and iPhones" to go kitesurfing, which allows him to return to work feeling "completely refreshed" and "ready to go."

Actress Leslie Mann rides a unicycle.

Britain How To Be Single Premiere
Britain How To Be Single Premiere

The "Knocked Up" and "This Is 40" star told Oprah Magazine in 2012 that riding a unicycle is her best hidden talent.

"I got one for Christmas when I was 10 and taught myself how to use it," she said. "Now I can do all kinds of tricks, like cycling backward and jumping off curbs."

Indian billionaire Anil Ambani is a serial marathon runner.

AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

Indian billionaire and chairman of Reliance ADA Group Ambani often runs the streets of Mumbai before dawn with his bodyguards, The Economist reports.

Ambani told Bloomberg BusinessWeek he first started taking his health seriously after somebody questioned his weight at an investors' conference in New York.

After his dad told him, "Look son, you can buy any luxury you want in life, from clothes to food, from a home to a holiday, but you can never buy health," Ambani decided to take the next step by training for — and completing — the 2003 Boston Marathon, according to

"At a deeper level, running is about pushing the limits, of realizing one's possibilities," he told Bloomberg.

Actress Susan Sarandon calls herself a ping pong 'propagandist.'

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

The Academy Award-winning actress loves the sport so much that she gives ping pong tables to friends and to inner-city schools as gifts, reports The Associated Press.

Sarandon, who is part-owner of SPiN, a ping pong social club chain with locations in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, told the AP: "I love the game because it cuts across gender and age and body type, and you can play it until you die, unlike other sports that you have to abandon at a certain point."

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo makes honey.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty

In a 2015 interview with Bloomberg's Emily Chang, Costolo says he spends a lot of time "watching" the bees.

"The whole way the hive works, and what's going on, and the crazy stuff that happens as the seasons change, and the way they build and everything is fascinating," he said.

The former Twitter CEO has also tweeted and vined about his beekeeping hobby.

Actor Liam Neeson loves fly fishing.


Neeson told Contact Music there's a lot of "nonsense" in Hollywood that he likes to get away from when he's not working by spending time with his family and his favorite hobby: fly fishing.

He says he's even taken lessons. "In America there's a program called 'Fly Fishing the World' and I've done about five of them. The last one I did was in New Zealand for about ten days and I brought my best friend. We had two cameras up our noses the entire time, but they're great fun."

'Divergent' star Shailene Woodley makes her own toothpaste, face oils, and cheese.

Jason Merritt/Getty

Woodley told Flaunt Magazine in 2013 that she makes her own toothpaste, lotions, face oils, medicines, and cheese. She even forages for food. "It's an entire lifestyle," she said. "It's appealing to my soul."

She demonstrated her knowledge of herbs when she brought Jimmy Fallon some natural remedies for boosting his immune system in 2014.

Former game show host Bob Barker trained in karate under Chuck Norris.

AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

The former "Price is Right" game show host, now 92, took up karate at age 45, according to Vegetarian Times. He practiced the martial art into his 70s.

In his autobiography "Priceless Memories," Barker writes about his longtime friendship with martial artist and actor Chuck Norris, and says he spent eight years training under him.

"We started out here on my lawn, and then I started parking my car on the driveway and made the garage into a karate studio," Barker told Vegetarian Times.

Now Barker maintains his health with push-ups off the wall, light weight lifting, and the elliptical machine, he told the site.

Actor Nick Offerman enjoys woodworking.

LA Premiere of "Fargo" Season Two - Arrivals
LA Premiere of "Fargo" Season Two - Arrivals

Offerman may not have been acting when he played Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation."

Like Swanson, Offerman is obsessed with woodworking, the Huffington Post reports.

"In my day job, performing for folks is a gas, and I am very tickled to make a nice living as a professional jacka--," Swanson said, "but it is the production of sawdust and shavings that brings me the most profound satisfaction."

Offerman started his own wood shop in East Los Angeles with 10 employees who make hand-crafted tables, chairs, beds, and boats, according to

Take a look inside his woodworking shop with Vanity Fair.

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