Teamotions: The tea that will improve your emotional wellbeing

Sip Chamomile Tea to Stress Less
Sip Chamomile Tea to Stress Less

We all reach for a soothing cup of tea when we have a moment to take a pause, whether it's sitting down with a good book on a Sunday afternoon or needing a brief stress reprieve while at the office on a Tuesday.

While a basic cup of tea may do the trick, why settle for less when you can have more? And by more, we mean a cup of tea that doesn't just taste warm and good, we mean a cup of tea that actually has the ability to change your mood.

Teamotions is the first and only line of teas created for emotional wellbeing, made with botanicals and special herbs called adaptogens that work together to fight stress and help boost immunity.

Teamotions tea for emotional wellbeing
Teamotions tea for emotional wellbeing

Each cleverly-named tea has its own unique emotional benefit, like 'Discover Joy,' which is a lemon vanilla green tea made with anti-depressant and stress reducing ingredients to help lift spirits. The 'Find Strength' tea is a passionfruit jasmine blend designed to bolster inner strength and self confidence. Hard to argue with that, right? If you're not convinced, one of the ingredients in 'Find Strength' is jiaogulan, a Chinese herb that has been used for centuries to treat fatigue and support the human stress response.

In the brand lies a heartfelt truth, too. Teamotions was founded by a woman who sought solace in tea after the death of her baby daughters. Searching for a tea that could actually make her feel better, she and her sister set out to create Teamotions.

Having tried the teas ourselves, we can say with absolute certainty that there's something different than your average cup. Each blend is unlike any tea we've ever bought at the grocery store or ordered in a cafe, and we highly recommend it, at the very least for the unique flavor combinations.

You can purchase Teamotions teas here.

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