Spectacular northern lights display lights up the sky in the UK

Spectacular Northern Lights Display Lights Up the Sky in the UK
Spectacular Northern Lights Display Lights Up the Sky in the UK

Reykjavik, Iceland is

regarded as one of the best spots to watch the aurora borealis, or the northern lights, world wide. But thanks to an unusual sequence of events, people across the UK were able to see the spectacular display.

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Typically in the United Kingdom, the northern lights can only be seen in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but on Sunday people in southern cities near London could witness and document the brilliant lights.

You can thank

solar winds for creating the majestic display. The natural light display in the sky is caused when electrically charged particles are pushed together by solar winds. The bright light and spectacular colors are cause by atmospheric gases.

Perfect conditions allowed for the lights to be seen in various locations across the United Kingdom and many took the opportunity to post images of the lights on social media.

Mother's Day From Mother Nature

This was taken near the end of the highlight of tonight's show. As i decided to do stills first.

Posted by Irishmanlost on Sunday, March 6, 2016

See stunning photos of the northern lights below:

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