Real-life Superman saves distracted child from rogue baseball bat during game

Close Call! Errant Baseball Bat Almost Knocks Out Fan
Close Call! Errant Baseball Bat Almost Knocks Out Fan

Of all the things you might associate with going to a baseball game -- peanuts, cracker jacks, too much beer -- putting yourself in life-threatening danger probably isn't one of them.

Though it may not be at the top of your mind when you drop thousands of dollars on dugout seats, flying equipment like full bats, pieces of bats and even foul balls (the most coveted stadium souvenirs) can cause serious harm to spectators.

A moment captured by photographer Christopher Horner at a Pirates-Braves spring training game shows how quickly a day at the diamond can turn into tragedy.

During the game, a rogue bat went flying into the stands, making a beeline for a young boy who was too infatuated with his smartphone to pay attention to the game.

Luckily, the man sitting next to him saved the day, using his lightning-fast reflexes to prevent the bat from connecting with the kid's head.

We can't vouch for the player who threw the bat, but this spectator is certainly batting 1,000 in our books.

Now, can someone please get this man an ESPY?

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