Nancy Reagan's homes of Los Angeles

Nancy Reagan Remembered for Role As First Lady
Nancy Reagan Remembered for Role As First Lady

Nancy and Ronald Reagan did just about everything together, all the way to the ends of their lives. They both, in fact, died in the same house.

The former First Lady spent her last days at 668 St. Cloud Road, a 7000-square-foot ranch-style three-bedroom house on a 1.5-acre pocket of land high up in the hills of Bel Air. The couple had lived there since Reagan left office in 1988, and it was there that the 40th President battled Alzheimer's Disease and ultimately passed away in 2004.

But the Reagans, both onetime film actors, left home prints all over Los Angeles, stretching well beyond Bel Air.

Just prior to marrying Reagan in 1952, Nancy lived at 941 ½ Hilgard Avenue, in a two-bedroom apartment in a leafy section of Westwood. Reagan, meanwhile, lived in at 1326 Londonderry View, a 1930s French Normandy apartment building overlooking Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood (located near a restaurant called La Rue, where Ronald and Nancy had their first date).

See Mrs. Reagan through the years:

After they were married, the couple made Nancy's Westwood apartment their first home, but within months purchased a Cape Cod-style house at 1258 Almalfi Drive in Pacific Palisades. Five years later, they moved to another house in the Palisades, a more private, secluded ranch-style home at 1669 San Onofre Drive.

It had a swimming pool, a backyard, and a kitchen full of gadgets, thanks to Reagan's job as a celebrity spokesperson for GE, which made the home into a showcase, installing one of the first garbage disposals, among other ultra-modern appliances. Nancy once recalled that GE "provided us with so many refrigerators, ovens and fancy lights... they had to build a special panel on the side of the house for all the wiring and the switches."

Still, Ron Reagan Jr., Nancy and Ronald's youngest, has described growing up in the Palisades as being an almost Mayberry-like experience. "I remember there was this dirt road that went up into the hills and we'd go up there and fly kites," he once recalled. "Now I think there's a castle up there."

The Reagans held onto the San Onofre property throughout his terms as governor of California. But after they moved into the White House in 1980, they sold the house and didn't purchase another until eight years later, after the end of the President's second term -; their final home, at the top of St. Cloud Road

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