Man desperate for solution after enduring the hiccups for 2 weeks and counting

Man Desperate For Solution After Enduring The Hiccups For 2 Weeks

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) -- He has survived explosions in Afghanistan and a devastating apartment fire back home.

But, it's a case of the hiccups taking Marine Veteran Ronn Powell to his knees.

"I prayed, then he prayed the best he could, despite the hiccups. We bombarded heaven with the prayer. If anyone is going to help, it's going to be God," said Gloria Walker, Powell's fiancé.

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Ron suddenly came down with the involuntary spasms Feb. 24.

Every few seconds since, he succumbs to the hiccups.

"You get short tempered, short natured. You don't even want to be around people," Powell said.

The couple turned to the internet for answers.

They've tried all the standard home remedies - cold water, sucking on a sour lemon and sugar on the tongue.

Nothing has given Ronn any long-term relieve.

"It calms me down, but it wears off and starts again. There's only so much you can Google," he said.

They've been to several specialists, all unable to diagnose the problem.

Ron hasn't eaten or slept in days.

Now, Ronn and Gloria are praying for an end to their hiccup nightmare.

"When you see someone you love hurting," she said. "He needs help. He can't rest. He can't eat. We need help."

"I would really appreciate any help to get rid of these, because I can't stand this," he said. "Aggravating, frustrating. I can't complete a sentence."

Desperation from a war veteran who has already endured so much.

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