John Oliver jokes about Donald Trump's privates: 'A Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off'

John Oliver Spots Similarity Between Donald Trump's Privates and Beloved Snack Food
John Oliver Spots Similarity Between Donald Trump's Privates and Beloved Snack Food

Before John Oliver launched into his main story about special districts, he took a moment out of Sunday's Last Week Tonight episode to laugh at the comments Donald Trump made about his genitalia during Thursday's GOP debate.

"Trump's opponents spent the week seeming increasingly desperate," noted the host, introducing a clip of Marco Rubio mocking the small size of Trump's hands and, therefore, his privates -; a comment Trump addressed in the debate.

"Donald Trump just talked about his dick during a presidential debate! A dick which I presume looks like a Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off," said Oliver. "But I'm glad he brought it up, mainly because I now have an excuse to play you something that we didn't have time to include last week -; specifically, an audiobook excerpt from his ex-wife Ivana's For Love Alone, a barely fictionalized account of their marriage, as read by Morgan Fairchild."

The many faces of Donald Trump:

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The romantic novel tells of Czech woman Katrinka Graham who marries a rich American entrepreneur, and is said to stand as a notable critique of her Trump years. The excerpt read: "In a moment, they were on the floor, on top of the mink coat, Katrinka's legs gripping his waist, as he moved deeper and deeper into her. As Adam pulled away from her, his cock fell for a moment into the valley between her legs, leaving a smear of semen on the dark silk. He smiled with satisfaction. 'Now you have to keep the coat,' he said."

"That is horrible, although whatever you think about that, you can't say jizzing all over your girlfriend's clothes is not presidential, okay?" laughed Oliver.

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