Find your buried treasure with this pirate-themed California estate

Find Your Home's Signature Style
Find Your Home's Signature Style

If it's treasure and adventure you seek, what better place to start than in the comfort of your own home?

This Spanish ranch-style home is deeply detailed and unique based on its architecture and enormous courtyard alone. But what really sets it apart is the fact that it's entirely pirate themed--a true example of a Californian buried treasure!

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Located at 2225 Arlington Ave (yes, you're allowed to put the emphasis on the "arrrrrrrr' in Arlington) in Riverside, CA, the home is quite large and accommodating with 5 bedrooms and 5 full baths, each decked out in pirate paraphernalia.

Take a tour of the home here:

The home also boasts a game room, movie theater, and a 1,000-square-foot wine cave that holds over 2,500 bottles, something we're sure would be enough to sell Blackbeard himself on this estate. In true California form, the property includes a lagoon-style pool (black lagoon, of course) adorned with waterfalls, water slide, grottos, and even a stream. Not included: a plank to make your guests walk off.

If one thing's for certain, you'll never feel boring in this true trailblazer of a place to live. Like a child at a theme park, you'll feel like a different person or a character in your favorite adventure story. Perhaps you'll even consider selling your car for a ship...who knows!

Listed at just below $2M, the 8,500-square-foot home can be yours. And if we had to guess, the current owners probably take payment in all gold.

Flip through these pictures of the unbelievable estate:

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