Erin Andrews wins $55 million judgment in video lawsuit

Sportscaster Erin Andrews Awarded $55M In Lawsuit
Sportscaster Erin Andrews Awarded $55M In Lawsuit

Erin Andrews won a $55 million judgement on Monday after the Nashville Marriott and a stalker were found liable for a nude video of the journalist that spread across the Internet.

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Andrews sued the hotel for negligence after a man was given a hotel room next to hers upon request. The man, Michael Barrett, then videotaped her through her door's peephole.

Barret then posted the video online

Barrett is currently serving two years in prison after pleading guilty to interstate stalking.

The video has reportedly been the subject of more than 300 million searches and viewed around 17 million times.

Andrews had originally been seeking $75 million in damages.

Andrews appeared on the stand for two days and gave tearful testimony about the impact of the video on her life. She also revealed that ESPN had forced her to talk about the incidenton national television.

The jury in the case had been deliberating since Monday over the video, which was filmed and released in 2008. The hotel claimed that the blame fell solely on Barrett.

Photos from the case:

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