7 Netflix hacks that will change your life

3 Insane Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever
3 Insane Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

Is there anyone in the world who seriously doesn't like Netflix? The on-demand TV and movie service has changed lives, people. It brought us Netflix-only gems like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange Is The New Black, and Master Of None. It brought us Netflix and chill, and an actual "Netflix and chill" Airbnb rental. It brought us endless options of things to watch with your partner. And so much more.

At least 75 million people worldwide are subscribers, and we know many more are watching. (People who still use their college roommate's sibling's login... we support you). Netflix is a part of life, and should probably be Time's person of the year in 2016. Or at least get a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Here are 7 Netflix hacks that will probably change your life. You are so welcome.

1. Netflix roulette will eradicate all the stress that comes with deciding what to watch.

Just go to the Netflix Roulette website, where you can enter keywords and certain parameters like average rating, director, actors, and genre. You can specify whether you'd like a movie or a TV show, too.

2. Want to take a walk on the wild side? You can discover entirely new categories.

The steps are super simple. If you're using a web browser, the page for a certain Netflix category will look like this:


All you have to do change the numbers at the end of the URL, which will take you to the page of a new, and probably oddly specific, genre. Highlights include showbiz dramas and deep sea horror movies.

3. If you have been a little too generous with your login details, you can see exactly who else has been using your Netflix account.

Esquire reports that following these simple steps will lead to a a list of what's been watched, at what time, on what device, and where.

  • Hover over the account symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your Netflix homepage and click 'Your Account'.

  • Under 'My Profile', click the 'Viewing Activity' menu.

  • Select the 'See recent account access' link.

4. And you can kick other people off your account if need be.

If there are too many people watching, you can remotely log everyone else out.

Hover over your account name (in the top right corner of your Netflix screen) and select "manage profiles" from the drop-down menu. Then select "sign out of all devices" and click the "sign out" button once.

5. There is a floating, transparent browser window that lets you watch Netflix while you work.

It's called Helium, and it is magical.

6. Computer shortcuts will make your viewing experience much more pleasurable.

Thrillist offers five things everyone should know:

  • F will give you full screen; Esc will take you out of it

  • PgDn pauses; PgUp will play

  • The spacebar will also pause and play

  • Shift + Right Arrow will fast-forward; Shift + Left Arrow will rewind

  • M should toggle your mute button, depending on your computer

7. Use the Netflix Enhancer extension.

This Google Chrome add-on will show you trailers and IMdB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings when you hover over a title on a Netflix search page.

Happy watching!

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